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Merry Christmas!

Hello America,
 Did anyone ever believe that we would come to a point in America where just saying the words Merry Christmas or God or Christianity would be frowned upon? Well, the time is here America. Not only are we as Christians being persecuted for our beliefs, we are seeing more and more freedoms being taken away year by year.

I personally do not know of a single person who is offended by me saying Merry Christmas and even if I did know someone that would not stop me. I will continue to celebrate the birth of Christ,  I will continue to speak my beliefs, I will continue to correct those who do not tell the truth when trying to promote a Godless country and rewrite history when it is about Christianity. Why? Why should I when it seems that evil is winning over good? Why should I when it seems that God is being asked to step into the closet and not come back out? Why should I when it seems that our government that was suppose to be for the people and by the people seems to be failing the majority in this country just to promote the minority?

I will tell you why, because God gave up his only Son, to be crucified on the cross and I feel that the least we can do, as Christians, is to celebrate his birth at Christmas and his death and resurrection at Easter. But that is only the least we should be doing as a Christian nation.

I feel that if you have no beliefs, then do not try and stamp out mine. If you are of another faith, then I will respect your faith, but at the same time, I expect for mine to be respected also, especially since this country was founded in Christianity.

Our forefathers came to this country to be able to practice Christianity without any fear of reprisals, and sadly, look at us today, there are groups, people and even our own Government who wish to silence us, but it is up to us to just say no, we will practice our religion, we will pray, we will not be silenced, we will continue to pray for our military who are brought home in boxes, we will continue to pray for our children and hopefully teach them morals and that yes, it is o.k. to say Merry Christmas, cause when you think about it, if we do not, then what does it say about our society and what does it tell the One who died for our sins?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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Evil Is Upon Us

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Hello America,

I am writing to you with a heavy heart today. We have all watched while it seems that evil has come to a small town in Connecticut yesterday. My heart and prayers go out to the community and the families that have lost loved ones and will never be the same. I hope and pray that all of America will gather around and support this community and all of its’ citizens, they so desperately need our love and prayers. We are with you.

And now we can expect the gun control fanatics to come out in droves and use this latest incident of violence to try and establish strict gun control laws and eventually try and abolish gun ownership for Americans. And this is where I have a problem, a gun did not walk into any place that has seen violence, an actual human being caused the violence. A gun cannot shoot without a human pulling the trigger and I am all for locking up anyone who does not respect gun laws. Give them serious time to contemplate how stupid they are. I am also for automatic death penalties for anyone who goes on rampages and creates the carnage like we saw yesterday. In my opinion, you do not deserve to breathe the same air as the people that you have destroy their lives. Automatic death sentences without 20 years of appeals would make a statement that we are a free society that has a right to carry guns but with that right comes a responsibility.

It is also my humble opinion that we do not have a gun problem in this country, we were founded on and guaranteed the right to bear arms, but look what has changed in this country. We have a moral problem. Our country has been in a moral decline every since we allowed one godless person to stamp out Christianity in our schools and any other public place. Just look to the violence on television or video games. Our children are becoming desensitized to violence and are not being taught any moral issues in our schools. We have children who are not being taught right from wrong, who see violence every day, who look up to the wrong people, who have no stable, moral or Christian people in their lives. They listen to the war on God, Christianity, the church and even Christmas and think that a secular nation is the norm when that is anything but true.

We are a nation that was built on Christianity and no matter how many want to say differently, we are guaranteed the right to pray and we should be teaching this to our children. How can children know the difference between right and wrong if they are not taught? We are guaranteed to be able to have freedom of religion in this country and yet, we have remained silent for too long. We call on God and ask why these horrific events occur and at the same time we try and stamp His name out of all public places.

It is time America, that we take back this great nation, it is time that all Christians and people of faith, stand up and demand that God be heard. It is time America that we teach our children that God is here for us, that we teach them morals, the difference between right and wrong and become the Christian role models that they so desperately need, because until we do, we are looking at a moral decline and a moral crisis in this country and we shall all be lost and this country will become a violent morally decadent place that will never recover and evil shall prevail.

Peace and God be with you.

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So Tired of Class Warfare!!

Hello America,

I would like to start my blog saying that I am so sick of the warfare going on in this country! Everyday you hear about the President making his case for raising taxes to colleges, students and anyone who buys into the theory that for the country to succeed, the rich must be taxed more. The President, instead of staying in Washington and trying to work with Congress to fix our nation’s debts is going around the country promoting class-warfare, racial warfare and anything else that will get him what he wants, to tax everyone who makes over $250 thousand a year. He uses the argument that middle-class will suffer and the Republicans want to protect the rich and let everyone else suffer. This is a ridiculous argument and only makes sense to those who buy into class warfare. When in fact, the rich pay the most taxes in this country and if you give the President the tax increases that he wants it will only run the government for 8 days. It will not solve the problem.

Let’s all say it together, Washington does not have a tax problem, they have a spending problem and I ask you, do you give more crack to an addict or do you send them to rehab? The answer should be clear cut. Stop the spending. For all of you out there who trust the government to spend wisely, I have some lakefront property to sell you in Arizona!

And you Republicans, again, grow a backbone! If you allow the President and the democrats to get tax increases without any spending cuts or promises of spending cuts in the future, then you are part of the problem also. Stand up, speak to the American people, promote a message that says we, the people, are tired of Congress waiting to the last minute and something must be done behind closed doors, at the last minute, or we are going off a physical cliff. Someone please show me that cliff and I will personally push all the politicians off it. You can join the so-called physical catastrophe that will happen at the first of the year.

And for the love of God, Republicans, quit calling Social Security and Medicare entitlements. Unlike Medicaid, Food Stamps, Disability, actual Americans have paid into the system their entire working life and are due their money. Every time you say that the eligibility age for Social Security can be raised, ask yourself, why should it, when retirement for Congress is not being raised(and you are doing a lousy job!) and there should be money in the Social Security account, but it’s not. Why? Because the wonderful government that everyone has entrusted our health care system to has spent it. If you were smart, you would announce to the American people that Social Security is not going to be touched until it is funded again and truly locked against stupid politicians who think it is a treasure chest.

Wake up, America. Contact your Congressman or Woman and demand answers. Truthfully, there are many ways to fund the government. Taxes aren’t one of them. Stop waste, fraud and abuse in Government. Stop giving money to people who do not pay into the system.

And as for you Republicans, I swear to the Lord above, if you cave at year end and allow tax increases, I will personally call on all tax paying Americans to start a new party for the working people in this country. And for all of you who say, we can run this country with 3 parties, I ask you, how’s it working for you now? It’s not and until we see real government reform on spending, it will continue to not work.

Please, I beg you, if it takes going over the cliff the first of the year, JUMP! At least then, the President will know we are serious about real reductions in spending.

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What America Do We Live In?

Hello America,

It’s been awhile. I think I can safely say that this has been the worst week for Conservatism in history.

Where do I even begin, we have a president who has managed to rack up more debt than all the presidents that have come before him combined. We have unemployment at 7.9% and that is not even the real number. The price of gasoline has almost doubled since he took office, the price of food is through the roof, the housing market has collapsed, the value of  a dollar has plummeted, Iran continues its’ path to getting the nuclear bomb, Russia is calling in its’ chips on an international arms treaty, China now owns us and yet this country voted in the worst president in history(that title was formerly held by Carter) by a very comfortable majority. I just don’t get it.

The pundits are already talking about how the Republican party must change, must become more inclusive, must get rid of the old white guys, well with all due respect, this is hogwash! In my humble opinion, I think two things carried the race for the Democrats. I am a Conservative, will always be a Conservative, but I do think that as long as the Republican party acts like schizophrenics on crack, we will continue to lose elections and respect. I mean, come on, Tea Party and Republicans alike have got to get their acts together. You Tea Party, stop putting crazy candidates up for elections. We lost two important Senate races thanks to you! (Missouri and Indiana) And where were you while a wonderful patriot like Allen West was getting his tail kicked in Florida with ads that had he been white would have been racist and never would have seen the light of day. This man was totally demonized and if there isn’t a recount that goes his way, we have lost a valuable member of Congress. You stand for all the principles that I hold dear to my heart and for my country, but you need to get your act together.

And Republicans, you cannot fight against free stuff, you cannot let our conservative values go by the wayside just because you want to win an election. History shows us, that when Republicans try to become moderates, we lose. There will be a lot of talk about why the party should change more to the left and if you listen we are doomed. Again, in my humble opinion, we lost because it has been a long time since the Republican party has been able to articulate what we should stand for. You see, we need strong, principled people who not only represent our party, but they must also respect our party. We elected you and you should be able to stand strong for our beliefs. Stop scaring the seniors in this country with talk of entitlement reforms, no matter how well Ryan was able to speak about it, it still spooked many seniors and hardworking Americans, cause you see, when you lump Social Security and Medicare in with real entitlements, we get angry at you.

What we want to see, is that you do real entitlement reform. We are sick of carrying people in this country who are taken care of from cradle to grave. We want our seniors taken care of, we want our military, active and retired taken care of, but we are tired of working and having to budget our households, while many in this country do nothing. It is time to take a stand against entitlements that allow people to do nothing and yet the government treats them like it’s Christmas every day of the year.

The president has it right when everyone should pay their fair share, of course he is speaking about the one percent in this country that pay the most and keep the presents coming and yet they have been denigrated by this President. Everyone who lives in this country should have to invest in this country. We should see real immigration reform. Why is it so hard for a brilliant doctor or scientist to come to this country and yet the Democrats want an open door policy that allow everyone in, whether you are productive or not.

Republicans you should also realize that you are never going to get the vote of someone who has his or her hand in the government cookie jar, but you should go out(and I do mean actually leave your cushy offices in Washington) and promote the Republican party to all minorities that are here legally, that get up and go to work everyday and work hard for their families. In that regard, we should be more inclusive. And Republicans, instead of throwing the tea party to the side, like an unpopular cousin at a reunion, you guys are going to have to work together and bring this country back to what it is suppose to be, a strong Republic with strong, moral leadership. But until then, we are doomed and the America that began a few hundred years ago will be unrecognizable.

And to the Republicans that did not vote, shame on you. This is still our country and we do not fight to keep it, we will not only lose it, we will lose the values and morals that this country has stood for. We must continue to fight for and get a smaller government, we must fight to keep God first and stand up for Him because I truly believe that the moral fiber of our country is at risk.

So, until I see Republicans grow a backbone, it’s not a popularity contest, and work with the Tea Party and all peoples who want what is best for our country, this country will continue to decline. And my advice to all is put on your seat belts because we are in for a long, bumpy ride for the next four years and I fear that we headed for a collision!

God bless this country.

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And Our Chickens Have Come Home To Roost!

If Good Men Do Nothing, then we fail!

Hello America,

It has been awhile. Mainly because most Americans, myself included, are too busy just trying

to make a living. But I can no longer stay silent.

This has been a week that will go down in history as one of the worst for freedom loving

Americans, and we the people have created this. Decisions have consequences. Election

have consequences and we can sit back and look at the Supreme court’s decision this week

that upheld Obama care including the mandate and blame us, the American people for this

decision, not the Chief Justice.

Now, I do think he was reaching when it was declared that a mandate was unconstitutional,

but ruled that it was a tax and therefore constitutional, but there it is. I think the Chief Justice

was saying with his majority opinion, that the supreme court was not there to fix a bad law,

that we the people put the representatives in office who passed Obama care and since congress

has the power to tax, they could tax Americans for this or anything else for that matter and that

is where I have a huge problem with all of this.

We have become a nation of sheep, we do not follow politics, we do not form opinions based on

knowledge, but rather on what is expedient or we follow others and vote without any informed

opinion. Case in point, we put a President in office 3 1/2 years ago with the majority voting him

in without ever questioning his credentials. Or we vote completely on party lines, whether it is

good for the country or not, we are more concerned with being a good partisan voter rather than looking to the future and actually making informed decisions about what is best for the country and we are going to pay for those decisions, dearly.

And this is what Chief Justice Roberts was basically saying, you voted the politicians into office

that voted in this monstrosity and you must deal with the consequences now.

I can truly say, that I love my country, and as it gets closer to the holiday that celebrates our freedoms, I must reflect on how, just by uninformed, partisan voting, many of our freedoms we

are losing and I am ashamed. Ashamed, because this country is turning into a country that our

founding fathers would not recognize nor like, I wager.

I am angry, because a country that was built on the blood and guts of others, is turning into a

quasi-socialist society and we, as sheep, just follow along and hope for the best.

But, to be a true American, I feel that we must defend the principles that this country was founded on. Does anyone remember, taxation without representation? Obviously not, because

we continue to elect officials that are convinced that we have no spending problems and must tax everything that moves to bring in more money that they can spend into programs that do

not work, or more taxes that take from the working class and give to those who do nothing for the money other than having a pulse.

Well, America, we are seeing the consequences of these decisions. We now have, with the decision from the Supreme Court this week, the highest taxing ability. We can now expect that anything the Congress wants in the future, they can just call it a tax and it will fly.

Even with the passing of Obama care, which does nothing for actual health care costs and in

actuality it will create a huge bureaucracy that will have the powers to intrude into our lives like nothing that Americans have ever seen without ever addressing the true issue of health care costs and that is not on frightening, but sad.

What happened to the independence that this country was founded on? When did we allow the

politics of a few to become the dictates for everyone? I used to think that we the people could uphold the values of our founding fathers, but I no longer believe that. Why? Because we have

allowed this country to become what it is. We have voted in politicians who make decisions that are destroying our country’s values. And until we make a stand, it can only get worse.

And I truly do not know if we have enough concerned citizens to make a difference. So, this

fall, which shall be the most important election for our futures, I want to expect more from our

citizens and hope for the best, but I seriously doubt that anything will change for the better.

I see for our futures, that if we continue to stand by and do nothing, this country will fail. Our values will be lost, we shall become Greece and we will lose the independence that was fought so hard for and who will be at fault? Not the Supreme Court that can only rule on what our Congress has created and put into law, it will be our fault America, for voting people into office

who feel that they must change this country to make it better, who feel that taking from those who work and giving to those who do not is a right. So by all means continue on the road that we have created, but remember that all decisions have consequences and until we take a stand,

and make our voices heard as a united people who will not take it anymore, we are doomed.

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And If You Still Think The Government Should Pick Winners…

Hello America. You should know that while Congress holds hearings on Solyndra there are also four other companies that benefited from the first stimulus package, (aka. your tax dollars) and have since gone bankrupt. Evergreen Solar, Inc. received 5.3 million and declared bankruptcy last month and lost 800 employees. Sprectra Watt, a solar cell company received a 500 thousand dollar grant and filed for bankruptcy last month. Mountain Plaza, Inc. received 424 thousand and this company had declared bankruptcy in 2003, yes I said 2003 and did not anyone investigate this before giving away our money?  One word: No.   Olsen Mills received 10 million and declared bankruptcy in January 2010 after defaulting on a 60 million dollar loan.

And the hits keep coming, America. This White House is currently rushing to get another 15 green loans approved under the previous stimulus package before the end of the month which is the deadline for submitting the loans for approval.

So America, do you really think that we should allow another stimulus package to be approved, even if it has a pretty name like “The American Jobs Bill”?  While American companies are being over-burdened by taxation and regulations, we are supposed to believe that this administration can pick the winners and losers and get it right? I don’t think so, America, but then what do I know, I’m only one of those small business persons who are over-taxed, over-regulated and create more jobs in America than any other group, including the White House!

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I Am Sick Of The Hypocrisy

Hello, America.  I think that the President of the United States should be hiding under his desk in the oval office, instead of taking his 2012 campaign show on the road, telling Americans to call and demand that his new jobs bill be passed by Congress.

But the hypocrisy of all of this is that while he is demanding that Congress pass the bill, Congress is currently holding hearings on Solyndra, a solar panel company that went bankrupt last month and this is after receiving over 5oo million dollars of taxpayer’s money in the last stimulus bill, you know the one that had to be passed before the bill could be read.

On top of this, by going bankrupt, 1000 jobs were lost and the bankruptcy was restructured so that the President’s special donors, who invested billions in Solyndra, will get paid before the taxpayers are, if there is any money left to give out, that is.

When is this country going to wake up? This is was not only a stupid move, because the budget office predicted that this company was not stable and would probably go bankrupt, the President was obviously too busy with his photo ops at Solyndra to take the budget office seriously. And of course, statements released from the White House said that this stimulus was initiated during the Bush era(again, blame it on Bush) but this is not true. The Bush administration did look into Solyndra, but concluded that it was not economically stable and declined to go any further with it.

When will we get a President who is willing to do right by this country and stand up for what he is doing? Am I the only one that is embarrassed by having a President who continually makes mistakes, does not know anything about economics, has no advisers who have any practical experience in the real world, continues to pay off the unions and his political donors on the taxpayer’s dime?

Does not anyone else see the irony that when the President stood before Congress last week, pitching this new 500 page monstrosity that he claims will produce jobs, that Jeffrey Imelt was giving a prime seat with the President’s wife. Jeffrey Imelt, who is the President’s job czar, who has moved at least two of GE’s divisions to China, and paid no income taxes?

The irony and hypocrisy of this White House just keeps on giving. Yeah, America, call your elected officials, call the White House, but instead of demanding that this new stimulus bill be passed, demand new representation!

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Why Are Christians Silent?

Houston National Cemetery has told groups dedicated to helping the grieving families of veterans that they may no longer offer the solace of saying “God bless you” or using God or Jesus in any form. 

Next month’s memorial service in New York, honoring 9/11 will not have a single prayer.

Bell county school district in Kentucky has ended it’s tradition of prayer before high school football games after the group “Freedom From Religion” threatened to sue, stating it was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. The district folded and replaced the time-honored tradition with a moment of silence.

The year of our Lord 1619—-38 men sailed from England and reaching the shores of the James river in Virginia, dropped to their knees and gave thanks to the Almighty God and declared that there would be a day of thanks to the Lord every year on the same day.

The First Thanksgiving Proclamation was declared in June of 1676 after the governing council of Charleston Massachusetts declared that the best way to express thanks to God, declared June 29th a day of  Thanksgiving.

The Continental Congress Thanksgiving Proclamation:  The U.S. Congress, 1782.  The Proclamation stated it being the indispensable duty of all nations not only to offer up their supplications to the Almighty God, the giver of all good, for His gracious assistance in a time of distress, but also in a solemn and public manner to give Him praise for His goodness.

Our first President, George Washington, reaffirmed the Proclamation in 1789, when asked to give a speech at the First Congress of our country upon completion of the Bill of Rights. Today, it would be unconstitutional and would violate the “separation of  Church and State”

Hello America. I wanted to show the direct conflict of  views between the first people that settled our country, how God has always played an important part in our country and how we have allowed as a nation, God and religion, to slowly but methodically be silenced. Where are you, Christians? And why have we allowed for Christianity to become a dirty word?

The First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It may surprise a lot of people the phrase, “separation of Church and State” is not in the First Amendment nor is it anywhere in the Constitution and yet the courts have consistently been using it to rule against religion for the last 60 years. If you read the words of the first amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” It was an effort to limit the power of the federal government and give power to the states because many states had different religions and wanted to make sure that the federal government could not direct or empower them. The first amendment was not freedom from religion,rather freedom of religion.

Oh, but how far we have fallen. The supreme court’s most blatant violation of the Constitution, was the landmark ruling in 1947, ” Everson v. Board of Education, the separation of Church and State was used for the reinterpretation of  the Constitution and from then on, the courts have ruled regularly on religious issues, in direct violation of the original meaning of the First Amendment which was directed at Congress, not the People. It gave the freedom to the people and restricted Congress from ever stopping the practice of religion.

You may also be surprised that “Separation of Church and State” is also  not a law, it is a legal concept only implemented by the courts. Also, Congress has never passed a law that prohibits prayer in school. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is illegal for children to pray in school. And the clause came from Thomas Jefferson and it was not meant to stop religion,but rather reaffirm and reassure those in the church, that government would not interfere with their religion, but oh how that phrase has been taken over and misinterpreted by those who wish to silence religion.

I contend that our nation’s highest court in the land has failed to safe-guard the People’s right to worship without government interference and ruling that children cannot pray in school or school events, or having a cross or the Ten Commandments displayed or having a Nativity scene on the courthouse square or God forbid, offering a prayer to the families of veterans is unconstitutional and the Supreme courts ruling is illegal.

So, I ask you America, where are your voices. I am ashamed to say that we are the silent majority, because there are far more Christians in this country than non-believers and yet we have allowed the words of our forefathers, who fought for religious freedoms, to become twisted and turned by the courts. We should be ashamed and we should take a stand, otherwise, we are no better than the snakes who raise their ugly heads every time a Christian wishes to worship or pray in public. And as far as, you may take a moment of silence instead of prayer, I ask you Christians, again, haven’t we been silent for far too long?


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The Land Of Milk And Honey

According to Rasmussen:

71% of Americans believe that the biggest problem with welfare programs is that too many people are given welfare who do not need it.

59% of Americans think immigrants who follow the law and enter the US LEGALLY, should have to wait 3 years or more before collecting any welfare benefits.

55% of Americans believe that the government should require those who receive food stamps should work.

61% of Americans say that if immigration laws were enforced, there would be less poverty in America.

Hello America. In my last post, I wrote with a great deal of sarcasm that President Obama’s new tour buses that cost a whopping 1.1 million each was a job creator, I was wrong. They were made in Canada.

But speaking of job creation and stimulus, we can now all take a deep breath of relief because Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary announced last week that the food stamp program is a stimulus to our economy and a job creator. This asinine rhetoric has also been touted by Nancy Pelosi and others on the left. Mr. Vilsack says that the record number of people on food stamps is because the White House is doing such a good job of getting the word out about the program. He also cites that for every dollar of food stamps spent, it puts back into the economy $ 1.84. Taking into account that I dispute that number, what I want to know is how can you call food stamps a stimulus of any type. What it is, is a redistribution of money. Your tax dollars to be specific. The federal food stamp program cost a record 64.7 billion in 2010. Why are people who make statements like this not embarrassed and why are they not fired immediately is beyond my thinking, America. Have we ever had an administration that said being on welfare is a good thing? Have we ever had an administration that said unemployment checks are a good stimulus to the economy? I think not and this is government spin at it’s absolute worse and if there is anybody out there that believes this stuff, please I beg of you, don’t vote in any election!

A recent government study states that those living in poverty(per our government) have a decent place to live(courtesy of your tax dollars) adequate food on the table(again, courtesy of your tax dollars) at least two color televisions and other ammenities, air conditioning, running water and plumbing. Most working Americans do not consider that poor.

No, America, what we have is the working poor in this country. In a race to spread the wealth and make it fair for everyone, this administration is systematically working Americans to death. Here’s an irony for you, if you get up and go to work every day, pay your taxes and just try and get by to pay your bills, you will not qualify for any government program. You have to budget your expenses, you have to watch what you buy at the grocery store, you have to pay your rent and utilities and yet your hard-worked taxes that you have paid in to the government is taken to pay for those who do not work and yet they do not have to budget anything, they have a place to live and food stamps to use to put food on their tables. Is there any hard-working American out there that is not tired of seeing this redistribution?  The President just wants to make it fair for everyone, how about we Americans define fair as you want to eat, work, you want to live in government housing, work. Simple.

And our dear President is still out on the campaign trail, playing to his choir, of taking more taxes from the rich. Yeah, let’s tax the job creators more. Here are some facts for you Mr. President, according to an IRS report, those making $200 thousand or more, have went down by 13% in this country, those making $1 million or more, have went down by 39% and those making $10 million or more have went down by 55%. Who are you going to tax Mr. President when all of the wealth in this country disappears, it sure won’t be those who are benefiting from the quote “stimulus programs” of food stamps and unemployment.

And to add insult to injury, the Obama administration announced on Friday that they would look at each individual illegal person in this country(approximately 300,000) and if they had committed no crime or weren’t violent, they were not going to be deported and would be allowed to get a work visa. Are you kidding me? We have  9.1% unemployment. We have people who come to America legally and get degrees in engineering, science, medicine, etc. and usually end up leaving this country because it is too hard for them to stay here under current immigration laws and yet we are telling 300,000 thousand people who broke the law just by coming into our country that no worries, you can stay here.

America, I sure hope you are watching what is happening to your country. We are no longer the land of milk and honey, where if you work hard, you can prosper, we are now the land of give us your poor, we will give them all the milk and honey they want, for free.



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The President’s Bus Tour, Maybe He Will Go To Texas!






Hello America. Even as I am writing this post, our President who has now become serious about job creation has begun a bus tour around the country to talk to the people, to get ideas, although every time I have tuned in, he has been one doing the talking. I might also add that each bus for his tour has cost a whopping 1.2 million dollars. But hey, there had to be workers to build them right? So, I guess that could be job creation. Yeah, Mr. President.

But seriously, if I hear one more democrat pundit saying, “We want to see a jobs creation bill from the Republicans.” Seriously, I am going to scream. Can Washington and liberals not realize that government cannot create jobs, unless you work for the government, which has grown 15% versus private sector, which has grown 1%. Please, Washington, I beg of you, do no more, you are killing us.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has officially joined the race for President on Saturday, and I say it is about time. We finally have a candidate that has actually ran a state and ran it well. Texas counts for 40% of job growth in the country. Texas has made up 1/2 of all the jobs in the USA since June 2009 to 2011. 32,000 in June, 250,000 in the last year. That is huge. And if you research it, it really does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what Texas is doing right versus what Washington is doing that is so wrong.

Since Governor Perry’s announcement, I have heard all of the democratic pundits saying, well there are more people going to Texas so there are more jobs. Uh, yeah, and why do you think more people are moving to Texas?

The pundits have also stated, Well, oil prices have went up, so of course that creates more jobs in Texas. Well, no it doesn’t. When gas prices go up, what do we the consumer do, we spend less and how they got job growth from that one, I not even going to spend my time on. Idiots.

They are also making much ado about, Well,  a lot of the jobs created in Texas are low-paying. And I say, duh and so what. In this economy, a job is a job and it seems people actually want to work in Texas and are thankful for a job, any job instead of sitting on their butts and draining tax payers dry.

“Chief Executives” A business group of 500 CEO’s conducts an annual report of the best and worst states for job creation. And it comes as no surprise that Texas has been number one 7 years in a row.(California is in last place, #50) Business leaders grade states on a variety of categories. Making sure the state’s tax scheme does not drive businesses to other states. That they have a even regulatory environment and regulators encourage good businesses and do not punish for minor infractions. That the states have good employment laws and let companies decide terms and benefits for their states.

So while Texas has exploded in manufacturing jobs, mining and logging jobs, leisure and hospitality jobs, financial, professional. New businesses are growing, we as a nation are looking to Washington to create jobs? That is not only not possible, it is insane.

Was anyone listening Saturday when Governor Perry stated that they as a state, had created an environment that was business friendly, thereby jobs have been created, now wait for it….by the private sectors, not government. Could not Washington learn something from this? In Texas, torte reform has been established, loser pay in lawsuits has been established, government regulation is not constricting, there is no federal income tax and low over-all taxing, and government is committed to business growth, not social program growth.  Did you hear that, this state is committed to business growth, not job creation, there is a difference and if people do not understand this yet, then there is no explaining this to you, sorry.

So, yeah, I am cringing at the next idea that comes out of Washington, because every idea so far, has done nothing to help job growth and has in fact been the exact opposite of what Texas is doing so well.

And for the record, don’t hold your breath on the President’s bus tour hitting Texas, he is only going to towns with less than the national unemployment rate. I don’t think it is going to be a very long tour. And as for myself, I have been humming the “Yellow Rose of Texas” all day.


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