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“We Are Going To Fundamentally Change America”

Remember that quote, when our now president said  on the campaign trail, “We are going to fundamentally change America.”  When every word he uttered was greeted with shouts and cheers from the crowds who treated him like a rock star? Well, I wonder if his fans are still ready to cheer him on today and if so, why?

When he said fundamentally change America, did anyone have an idea of how radical  that change was going to be? If not, you should have been. Your next clue should have been when he state, “We will change America, we will change the world” Arrogance? Maybe, but also someone with an agenda that does not include keeping America the way we know it. Or how about when he said, “We are not a Christian nation.” Did any of these statements not bother the American people and if it they did not, why?

Unfortunately, we seem to be dealing with a President who loves to hear himself speak and everytime he does so, we lose a little bit more of what makes this country great, freedom. Freedom to make choices, freedom to be the best that we can be and believe me, if he has his way, we won’t be the best country in the world, we will be just another failed, socialist driven country. So, I ask, why is it so hard for America to not see what is happening? If this president gets his way, capitalism will be a thing of the past. Hard work will be frowned upon and the unemployed will be taken care of by the government. Sound like paradise to anyone? If so, again, just look at any socialist country and see if you can find anyone proud of their country.

We can and must stop President Obama’s agenda, for him to succeed, this country must fail. We cannot afford to let his Cap and Trade bill pass when it comes up before the Senate. It will cost this country billions of dollars, more jobs will be lost, eliminate or sent overseas and it will not accomplish anything positive. China and India have already stated that they will not sign up for Cap and Trade, yet they would benefit from it and without their cooperation this bill is a moot point when it comes to stopping green-house emissions.  In fact, the Commerce secretary announced that we should pay a carbon tax to China for all the energy they are using to make goods that are sold to America. So, let’s see, we are currently so indebted to China, that we may never be able to pay them back, we take american jobs and give them to China to produce products that we could be producing here in our own country and we will pay them a carbon tax on top of the debt we owe for producing said goods and China has stated firmly that they will not be a part of Obama’s great global plan of Cap and Trade, unbelievable.

And anyone not scared of his latest attack on freedom, Healthcare reform, should be. He is not looking out for America when he says, we need healthcare reform, he is, again, advancing his agenda, at the cost of the american people. The healthcare reform he is proposing will slowly kill choice and in the end, you will see a government run system and we will be at its’ mercy. The president went before the american people last week, without even reading the healthcare bill, and stated how much we were going to benefit from this bill. Really? Which parts, Mr. President? Is it the billions of dollars of debt that is going to incurred even though you stated that the bill would be self-sustaining or maybe it would be the fact that for the first time in the history of this country, if a citizen required healthcare, there would be a government bureaucrat standing between them and their doctor? This person would take decisions out of the hands of medical professionals, decisions that should be made with prayer, your loved ones and your doctor only. Does this make anyone feel good? Or how about the fact that this bill will enable government to fund abortions and abortion clinics, but I did say that our President said this was not a christian nation. Or how about the fact that the biggest sector of our population that will be affected by this bill will be the elderly. Again, our president will fundamentally change America with this bill. It will cut 5oo billion dollars from senior services with only one percent of that going toward stopping fraud. Our seniors will become throw-aways in a bloated system that will benefit only those that the government deem worthy. Are you comfortable with that? On page 425 of the bill, it states that it will become mandatory that every senior citizen will have to be counceled every five years on how to end their life or my favorite phrase, what to do for society’s best interest.  And if this isn’t cold-blooded enough for you, you might like to know that included in the Stimulus package, that, so far has stimulated President Obama’s ego and nothing else, is a clause that allows for research for denying healthcare based on birthdate. Treatments for age related illnesses can be turned down.

Yes, America, we are entering a very scary time for our country and its’ citizens. The question we should all be asking ourselves right now is are we willing to let this president fundamentally change our country in the direction that he is taking it or are we going to stand up and demand that he change his agenda? Only you can answer that question, but I for one, will not be sitting down anytime in the near future.


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  1. Obama made a mockery of America with all his quotes in his campaign, knowing that he’ll never get asked about them by the press who still pamper him in his staged pressers. (let’s see if that holds up now that his approval has dipped under 50).

    One of my favorites by him was, “America is the greatest country on Earth. Help me change it!” I’ll bet he himself couldn’t believe how easy it was to be able to get away with saying things like that without any pushback from the American people or the press. He must have had some great laughs behind the scenes during the campagn.

    Let’s just hope that we’re not that far away ourselves when his outrageous signitures issues, C&T and national healthcare, fail to pass that we can say who’s laughing now. Cause right now, this is no laughing matter!

    Comment by Chuck | July 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. You are so right, Chuck, this is no laughing matter! I can only hope that as the american people continue to watch and see how this president acts, their eyes will continue to open. And we cannot allow any part of his agenda to move forward, it would be fatal for America.

    Comment by lorriek | July 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. I agree this is no laughing matter and I too pray the American people will wake up and see it for what it is and take a stand by contacting their governors, senators, congressmen and everyone else.

    Thank you for your blog and keeping these important issues before us.

    Comment by Louise | July 29, 2009 | Reply

  4. Wow are people passionate! Even sensible pundits are saying that the recent townhall out roars are just the tip of the iceberg. It must be blogs like Lorrie’s that are encouraging a long awaited and much needed wake up call to the American people!

    Comment by Chuck | August 3, 2009 | Reply

  5. Thanks to Chuck & Thanks to Louise for your comments! It’s so true that America is finally starting to wake up and the townhalls’ that are going on all across the country is proof positive that we are angry! But be prepared, the dems do not like what is happening. My Representative, Clyburn is House Majority Whip and he is not having any townhalls. The big chicken! And the new thing is they are having townhalls but will not allow any speaking. How lame is that?I say go and speak anyway!!!

    Comment by lorriek | August 3, 2009 | Reply

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